Watching emergence of inventions and experiencing ever growing desire to implement the new-found methods in reality, the artist frequently is challenged to choose between the traditional and the novel, to seek for compromises and - finally - find the most acceptable ways of expression to his own creative self. One may dub computer art of Agris Dzilna, born in Latvia and educated as interior designer, as slightly conservative and falling into a mainstream of adherents of the traditionalism. Yet there are a few artists who have balanced the traditional media (photography and graphic art) and new 3-dimensional perceptions in his works with such a grace and delicacy. This quality, as an added value, is ever present in Dzilna's computer art.

THE TRUE MIRRORS, a collection of eleven colour prints, specially prepared for the Braunschweig exhibition of photography go Europe: the kaleidoscopic eye, focus on contemplation over the notions of reality and reflection. The classical method of a reflection as means of expression, applied in visual arts already for centuries, is used in a direct sense (only documentary photographs, that feature landscape motifs, architecture, interiors, are further processed), and also as a method of transforming of the given reality into a new one. If, in pondering over the concept of reality, his works highlight the juxtaposition and interrelation of the eternal and the changeability, it is in the process of applying the method of reflection a new reality is born. Its genesis is a fact that should be accepted, as well as no one should doubt the works we see are veritable, like no one doubts his own dreams. For each of the eleven prints Dzilna has a different key-word, which helps to understand their meaning. Unfortunately in most cases the figurative meaning of the titles of the prints loose this faculty in English translation, or gain other meaning, which - luckily - only points to never-ending possibilities of transformation and serve as affirmation of the eternity of the World.

Ilze Stengrevica, Art historian